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Theyyam Painting

Since many years, Theyyam, the divine dance of North Kerala has been an attraction for many Researchers, artists and travelers from all over the world. And so did it attracted me towards its culture, tradition and the way they portrayed their thoughts and beliefs during their performances. First i painted the background. (It is always… Continue reading Theyyam Painting


The lock…?

Standing and waiting at the bus stop my eyes suddenly fell at a rickshaw-wala where he was constantly rubbing his eyes, as if he didn't sleep the whole night. Then i noticed this beautiful iron half rusted half painted basket where he kept all his personal belongings locked with a big lock making it whole… Continue reading The lock…?



A Must read post ! Beautifully written

Cristian Mihai

It’s safe to assume that the vast majority of you played a game of some sorts at least once. Computer, console, smartphone, it doesn’t matter. Or practiced a sport, tried to develop a certain skill or learn a craft.

Remember when you tried for the first time. Remember how bad you were. Then, if you kept at it, you became kind of good. As you progressed through the levels of this game, even though the difficulty increased, so did you skill. A beginner watching would find this as magic almost. They are unable to exhibit the same level of mastery as you.

The point of all this, you ask?

Well, it’s the same way for everything in life. Everything!

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Highly P.A.I.D People on Facebook !

Ahan !? Oh Yes ! Check out these highly P.A.I.D(Provoking. Aggravating. Irritating. Disturbing) people on facebook - 1)Those who constantly post their selfies along with some nowhere related caption--tagging you and 58 other friends and get 24 likes ! 2) Who plays the poke game and still never has the confidence to text . 3) Who was at… Continue reading Highly P.A.I.D People on Facebook !